mayo 28, 2024

El desarrollador de juegos Halfbrick comparte por qué ‘Super Fruit Ninja’ en Vision Pro es ‘realmente una locura’

Vision Pro is arriving soon and one of the key selling points is a new class of immersive experiences. Going behind the scenes with an iOS classic game that’s making the jump to spatial computing, Halfbrick Studios has shared why “Super Fruit Ninja” is “truly bananas” offering the “most immersive” Fruit Ninja to date.

Apple shared an interview with Samantha Turner of Halfbrick Studios on its Developer website today.

Fruit Ninja has a juicy history that stretches back more than a decade, but Samantha Turner, lead gameplay programmer at the game’s Halfbrick Studios, says the Apple Vision Pro version — Super Fruit Ninja on Apple Arcade — is truly bananas. “When it first came out, Fruit Ninja kind of gave new life to the touchscreen,” she notes, “and I think we have the potential to do something very special here.”

The new Vision Pro game features a fun theme for the immersive 3D experience:

The good citizens of Fruitasia have discovered a portal to our world — one that magically materializes in the room. “Sensei steps right through the portal,” says Turner, “and you can peek back into their world too.”

After testing several options for weapons, Samantha says “none felt as satisfying as the final result. ‘Instead of holding blades, you simply use your hands,’ she says. ‘You become the weapon.’”

Here’s a taste of what to expect with the 3D Super Fruit Ninja:

Slice and dice pineapples and watermelons by jabbing with your hands. Send bombs away by pushing them to a far wall, where they harmlessly explode at a distance. Fire shuriken into floating fruit by brushing your palms in an outward direction — a motion Turner particularly likes. “It’s satisfying to see it up close, but when you see it happen far away, you get the full impact of fruit destruction,” she laughs. All were results of hand gesture explorations.

Samantha says the outcome is “the most immersive — and possibly most entertaining — Fruit Ninja to date, not just for players but for the creators. ‘Honestly,’ Turner says, ‘this version is one of my favorites.’”

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