junio 17, 2024

En Apple Vision Pro FOMO

Lest you forget, tomorrow is Apple Vision Pro pre-order day. At least in the United States, that is.

If you’re prepared to drop $3,499 on Apple’s first spatial computer, then godspeed. Pre-orders start at 8 a.m. ET, and you’ll want an iPhone or iPad with Face ID around for the process. Having the latest version of the Apple Store app is also a must.

Wear glasses? ZEISS optical inserts are a separate purchase. $99 for readers or $149 for prescription lenses. You’ll need to upload a valid prescription from a US eye doctor after purchasing Vision Pro to buy the right optical inserts.

Apple Vision Pro curious but can’t or not eager to let go of $3,499 for the experience?

Plan a trip to the Apple Store on the weekend of February 2. Apple will be conducting what sounds like rather extended demos to the public. No need to be a software developer or member of the press.

If you’re not in the US, just know that there are more of you than there are of us. The good news is that the international rollout sounds sooner than some might have expected. Visions Pro for everyone by summer, perhaps?

There’s also a group that consists of people who genuinely don’t care or are repulsed by the idea of wearing a head computer.

Then there’s the other group. Whether it’s FOMO from seeing other people excited about their first-of-its-kind new Apple product or the inability to justify or pull off a $3500 expense, the excitement of Apple’s major new product launch will pass many by.

That part sucks, but it’s totally understandable!

The iPad was a huge deal, and the price of entry was $500. The Apple Watch came at a time when everyone wondered if Tim Cook’s Apple could ship products as important as the previous decade and a half. The price of entry? $350. AirPods absolutely fit into the category of exciting new Apple products, and $160 would let you in on the experience.

Apple Vision Pro exists in a whole other universe than the last 15 years of new Apple product categories. AVP hardware is nothing if not cutting edge, and Apple could double the price and likely sell every unit they could possibly make.

Compared to the $2500 Macintosh 40 years ago, Apple Vision Pro is a steal at $3500. Based on today’s price adjusted for inflation, Apple Vision Pro would retail for just $1200 in 1984. (The more common comparison is that the original Macintosh would cost around $7300 in today’s dollars.)

Apple Vision Pro isn’t priced like an Apple Car might be, but it’s certainly more high-end Mac in price than Apple’s other relatively recent product introductions. I think that means something. It will be the first new Apple product category that some Apple enthusiasts may miss out on since participating in Apple product launches.

The bottom line? Absolutely love the hell out of Vision Pro if you’re buying one, and more importantly, go easy on yourself if the FOMO creeps in because Apple priced you out or you can’t be in the US on launch day.

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