mayo 17, 2024

El sitio web te ayuda a encontrar nuevas aplicaciones para tu Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro will arrive in stores and in the hands of thousands of customers in the US on Friday. For the past few weeks, Apple has been teasing some of the apps that will be available on the visionOS App Store. And to help users find new apps, the developers behind MoneyCoach have created a website that highlights visionOS apps.

Explore Apple Vision Pro apps

Since there’s no way to access the visionOS App Store without a Vision Pro in hand, these developers have created a website where other developers – whether indie or big – can submit their visionOS apps to be featured there.

“Having already launched three standout visionOS apps, I recognized the need for a central hub where developers could showcase their creations, engage with the community, and find eager beta testers for their unreleased projects,” the creators of the Apps for Apple Vision Pro project explain.

The website lets users explore the apps made for Vision Pro in alphabetical order or by category. When choosing an app, you can see screenshots, a video preview, and the download link from the App Store. In some cases, there’s also a link to download a beta version available through TestFlight.

Vision Pro owners will find apps like Tasks, Subjects, Aiko, and Ambre: Recipe Organizer ready for the new device – and these are all highlighted on the Apps for Apple Vision Pro website. And if you’re a developer working on a visionOS app, you can submit the app to the website using this form.

Of course, 9to5Mac will also have a curated list of the best visionOS apps soon.

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