febrero 29, 2024

Gurman: el nuevo iPad Pro y el MacBook Air M3 ya están en producción y su lanzamiento está previsto para finales de marzo

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the new iPad Pro and M3 MacBook Air are already in production in the Apple supply chain. They are set for an end of March release.

In all, Gurman expects March launches for the redesigned iPad Pro lineup with OLED displays, a spec-bumped iPad Air, a new larger 12.9-inch iPad Air, and a new generation of 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air with M3 chips.

After launching no new iPad hardware in the 2023 calendar year, the entire lineup is due for updates across 2024. In March, we are expecting new iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

Mark Gurman previously reported that the new iPad Pro will be accompanied by new accessories, such as a new Magic Keyboard with aluminum base. Code references in the iOS 17.4 beta suggest the new iPad Pro will feature a landscape-oriented front camera, matching the 10th-generation iPad model.

But the big new feature of the 2024 iPad generation will be the new display technology, switching to OLED panels for the first time. This will make the new iPad screen portray richer colors, higher contrast and potentially some power efficiency gains for longer battery life too.

A new larger screened iPad Air is also anticipated for the spring, bringing the 12.9-inch iPad form factor to a more accessible price point.

The M3 MacBook Air lineup is expected to be a more muted affair, retaining the same industrial design but upgraded to sport the latest M3 chip as debuted at the end of last year in the base model 14-inch MacBook Pro. While the M2 versions of these laptops launched a year apart due to production delays on the 15-inch model, both the 13-inch and the 15-inch model will get the M3 revision at the same time.

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