febrero 29, 2024

La aplicación Yelp ahora ofrece resúmenes de IA de restaurantes y más

The latest update to the iOS Yelp app now offers AI-generated summaries of restaurants and other businesses, designed to make it quicker to find the best match …

Engadget reports.

Yelp just released a substantial app update with more than 20 new features, and several of these tools are packed with, wait for it, AI. The biggest news for regular users is the addition of summaries of business automatically written by AI, which Yelp says will help people find the perfect restaurant or service to meet their needs.

There’s also new visuals for the home feed and revamped search experience, which the company says will also help users find that perfect dinner spot. This home feed incorporates AI to provide more relevant content to users and will also display images from nearby restaurants that match previous user queries, in addition to videos posted by local businesses.

This builds on the AI review highlights and search suggestions introduced last year.

Review highlights: Leveraging LLMs for specific keyword searches, Yelp will now better understand the nuance of what consumers are looking for, and highlight relevant snippets from reviews under each business listing in search results.

AI-powered search suggestions: Yelp will now use AI to provide business suggestions in search that are not bound by the user’s current location.

The company is also recognising reviewers through digital trophies.

Now, users can earn official kudos by regularly reviewing certain types of foods. You can nab one of these coveted digital trophies by reviewing three restaurants that offer the same type of cuisine in one year. You’ll find these credentials in the Achievements section on the app.

The update is exclusive to the iOS app for now, with an Android version following “in the coming months.”

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