febrero 22, 2024

La policía de Washington, DC les dice a los residentes que compren AirTags mientras los ladrones apuntan a las chaquetas de Canada Goose

Last month, Washington, D.C. police gave some advice to citizens worried about car theft: buy an AirTag. Now, police are back with more advice for people concerned about thieves stealing their high-end Canada Goose jackets: buy an AirTag.

As reported by local news outlet Fox5, Canada Goose jackets have become a popular targets for thieves in Washington, D.C. as the weather outside gets colder. These ultra-high-end jackets are sometimes priced at over $1,000 and feature prominent “Canada Goose” patches that make them easy for thieves to spot.

On Thursday, Fox5 asked the Washington, D.C. police department if they had any advice for people concerned about having their Canada Goose jacket stolen: “AirTags,” said Commander Sylvan Altieri.

“I’ve seen people use them on tool kits, suitcases, I think that’s probably the best thing you can do as far as if it gets taken, because it’s a nice way to track it,” Altieri continued.

AirTags have become de facto recommendations for police departments. In New York City back in May, city officials gave out free AirTags to citizens concerned about car thefts. Washington, D.C. police followed this precedent last month and handed out free AirTags to residents in select neighborhoods.

Whether or not Washington, D.C. residents will be receptive to the idea of attaching an AirTag to their premium Canada Goose jackets remains to be seen. Would you put an AirTag in your jacket pocket if it meant you might be able to recover it from a thief? Let us know down in the comments.

On a related note, a 4-pack of AirTag item trackers is currently on sale at Amazon for an impressive 20% off.

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