febrero 26, 2024

La satisfacción del cliente del Samsung Galaxy S24 supera al iPhone por primera vez

Last month we saw a report from PerfectRec that showed iPhone 15 Pro/Max customer satisfaction drop below iPhone 15/Plus. Now the latest data from the firm shows that for the first time, Samsung has been able to score higher for customer satisfaction than the current iPhone lineup with its new Galaxy S24 series.

As a refresher, PerfectRec collects user-generated reviews on Google and determines what percentage have 5 out of 5-star ratings.

While the iPhone 15 Pro ratings came in below iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro, customer satisfaction for the latest pro iPhones dropped considerably as of January 2024.

Now with the Samsung S24 lineup available for just under a month, we’ve got the reviews from early adopters and PerfectRec says the new Galaxy smartphones’ 5-star percentage has beaten iPhone for the first time.

  • An impressive 91% of S24/+ reviews and 88% of S24 Ultra reviews give the devices 5 stars.
  • PerfectRec says “These customer satisfaction numbers are much higher than any previous Samsung generation of Samsung Galaxy S phones.”

Here’s a look at iPhone 11-15 vs Samsung Galaxy S20-24 customer ratings:

One thing to keep in mind – since the new Galaxy smartphones just launched in January, there is a much larger sample size of reviews for iPhone 15/Pro than for the S24 devices. So PerfectRec says it will be monitoring if/how customer satisfaction changes for Samsung’s new phones.

But for now, Samsung early adopters are more satisfied than iPhone 15 owners.

And here’s a look at how much Samsung’s 5-star reviews have jumped between the S24 and previous generation devices:

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