junio 17, 2024

Lunes MagSafe: el soporte de carga inalámbrico Anker 313 simplifica la carga diaria de su escritorio con soporte en espera

I’ve tried countless desk charging solutions over the years, and I’ve always struggled with the off-and-on process with MagSafe. As much as I love MagSafe, there is a tension (pun intended) with quick removals when leaving your desk for errands, meetings, etc. The Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand aims to eliminate that friction and allows you to “drop” your iPhone on it for easy charging with one-handed removal.

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The good

The great part about the Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand is the price to value. It usually can be found for under $20, and it’s just a solid wireless charging dock for either your desk or nightstand. You can charge your iPhone vertically or horizontally (for Standby mode). Its minimal design won’t look out of place or draw attention to itself while you’re not using it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, what I love about the Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand is that it has a vertical alignment and is more of a “dock” than a stand. You drop your iPhone into the center, and it will charge. You can quickly grab a phone call with one hand if you need to take a phone call. MagSafe works great when an iPhone is laying flat, but there is tension to pulling it off when it’s on a “stand,” where, depending on the magnet strength, it might require two hands. I know these are minor and tedious comments, but they come from years of charging an iPhone, needing to run somewhere, and seeing the friction of a strong magnet (which, ideally, is what you want). Many of the MagSafe-specific stands/docks are fantastic, but if I am talking about speaking to you, you’ve experienced the tediousness of pulling an iPhone off a stand.

The beauty of Anker’s solution is that you get the benefits of wireless charging without pulling it off a magnet.

The bad

My biggest complaint about the Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand is twofold: I’m not too fond of the fact that it uses mini-USB, and the charging speed is limited to a boosted 7.5-watt charge with the right wall adaptor. It supports 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy.

It also doesn’t include a wall charger in the box and is vague when mentioning which one to use it with. The documentation says not to use it with a USB-C wall adaptor, but it seemed to work fine for me. If you’re concerned about maximum charging speeds, this wall adaptor would probably be the simplest one to add if you don’t have a similar item.

Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand

I am not too concerned about maximum speed while I am at my desk as it’s typically just more of a “top off” during the day charge, but I think Anker could simplify the documentation and move to USB-C.

The verdict on Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand

Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand

Anker generally makes rock-solid products, and the Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand is no different. If you’re looking for a simple wireless charging solution for your desk that makes it easy to drop your iPhone on it while quickly you’re at your desk and then grab it with one hand without pulling it off your desk, this is a great option. While it’s not MagSafe, it is wireless, and because of its vertical nature, you’ll never run into an issue with it falling off the charging spot.

The Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand can be purchased from Amazon and directly from Anker.

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