febrero 26, 2024

Threads llegará a la UE la próxima semana, adelanta Instagram

Threads is coming to the EU next week on December 14, according to a pair of teasers quietly launched by Instagram today. As spotted by The Verge, there’s a new countdown timer on the Threads website in the European Union, as well as a new “ticket” in the Instagram app teasing the launch.

Instagram hasn’t officially announced the launch of Threads in the EU, but these two teasers seem to all but confirm a December 14 launch. The countdown on the Threads website is only visible to users in the European Union and is set to expire on December 14.

In the Instagram app, users in the EU can also go to the “Search” tab and search for the word “ticket.” This will unlock an invitation to use Threads with a QR code, with personalized information on when Threads will seemingly be available in their specific country.

Here are some screenshots from our friends at 9to5Google:

When Threads first launched in July, it was available in over a hundred countries around the world – but not in the EU due to regulatory issues. For the first 10 days or so, Instagram users in the EU could access Threads with a VPN, but the company eventually cracked down on that.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Instagram’s plan to launch Threads somtime in December last week.

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