febrero 22, 2024

Apple Music Classic ya está disponible en el iPad

Apple Music Classical, included as part of a standard Apple Music subscription, launched as an iPhone only app in the spring … but is now available on the iPad too.

The v1.1 update rolling out now in the App Store adds a brand new design optimized for the larger iPad display, with a navigation sidebar and now playing media controls toolbar.

While all classical music songs are also available in the standard Music app library, the dedicated Classical app features design affordances that are optimized for classical musical enthusiasts.

That includes richer metadata for recordings, such as detailed information about composers and conductors, fine-grained search and specially curated playlists and recommendations.

Customers can listen with high-quality streaming, up to 192 kHz Hi-Ress Lossless. One downside of Classical is that it requires an always-on internet connection. Songs can not be downloaded to play offline.

Today’s version 1.1 release is the first major update to Apple Music Classical since it launched in May. All previous updates have been minor bug-fix releases.

With the latest update, Apple Music Classical is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. The Classical app is a free perk included as standard with your normal Apple Music subscription.

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