julio 14, 2024

tvOS 17.2: la aplicación Apple TV actualiza sus avances previos al show con el botón ‘agregar a la cola’

Before watching a show or film on Apple TV+, the Apple TV app will generally show a trailer for something else premiering soon as promotional material. With tvOS 17.2, that experience has now been upgraded with some extra convenient functionality.

The new interface is currently visible in the tvOS 17.2 beta seeds, and will likely roll out to the TV app on other platforms over time.

The preshow trailers would previously feature a simple ‘Skip’ button, that let user jump past the trailer to get to the content they intended to watch in the first place. If the user was interested in the show being advertised in the trailer, they would simply have to make a mental note to follow up later.

But now, the skip button has been joined by a new ‘Add’ button. Pressing Add directly adds the title to the user’s Up Next queue, allowing them to keep track of it and get notified when new episodes drop.

A small logotype of the show is also displayed above the buttons, which helps contextualize the action. Previously, you’d often have to wait until the end of the 15-30 second trailer to know what the show was actually called.

The changes come as part of a larger update to the TV app launching soon, which includes a new navigational sidebar and a rebranding of some of the content sections. On the iPhone version of the TV app, the Info and Up Next queue panes have also been added to the video player experience.

tvOS 17.2 is currently available in the developer and public beta channel. It will be released publicly for everyone before the end of the year.

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