mayo 18, 2024

Apple Store está inactiva antes de los pedidos anticipados de Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Store is down ahead of Apple Vision Pro preorders starting at at 5AM PT. The Apple tradition is to take the store offline ahead of major events and new product launches.

In this case, Apple has gone one step further by using a bespoke store is down page, with custom animation. On the ‘Back in a blink’ page, the Apple logo transforms into the Vision Pro headset.

Apple’s first major new product category in five years starts today, with preorders for the Apple Vision Pro headset commencing at 5 AM. The virtual reality and augmented reality device is branded by Apple as the first step into a future of ‘spatial computing’.

The Apple Vision Pro features cutting edge 4K micro-OLED displays, one for each eye. This means the headset can deliver visual fidelity far beyond what consumers have come to expect. Users control the device through hand gestures and eye-tracking, with Apple eschewing the use of typical handheld controllers.

The headset is powered by an M2 and R1 chip, and can run apps and games completely independently. Apple is pushing entertainment as a major selling point, with the Vision Pro experience able to simulate a private cinema environment to watch Hollywood movies from your home.

The headset is priced starting at $3499, and is launching exclusively in the United States to begin with. The product goes on sale from February 2nd, in two weeks time. A rollout to additional countries is expected later this year.

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