marzo 1, 2024

ChargePoint alcanza un hito de usuario activo y lanza una importante actualización de la aplicación para celebrarlo

Today, EV charging network ChargePoint announced it has reached one million quarterly active drivers and to reward those customers, has rolled out an overhaul to its mobile app.

As a company founded back in the early days of EVs in 2007, ChargePoint ($CHPT) remains a veteran in the space that has grown into one of the largest EV charging networks on the planet. To date, it has delivered over 145 million combined charging sessions to drivers across North America and Europe.

While other competitors like Tesla and Electrify America have a stronger fast charging presence, ChargePoint has the AC market on lock, although it does provide DC chargers as well. As of January 31, 2023, ChargePoint estimates it held approximately 70% market share of all public AC network chargers in North America.

Such market saturation has helped the network reach a major customer milestone announced today, alongside details of a revamped ChargePoint driver app, now available to both iOS and Android users across multiple products.

  • ChargePoint App
  • ChargePoint App
  • ChargePoint App

ChargePoint’s new app “simplifies the user experience”

ChargePoint states that over two million EV drivers in the US alone have used an account to replenish on its network at least once. Take into account the 3.6 million electric vehicles currently navigating US roads and more than half have used ChargePoint before. Better still, more than a third are now quarterly customers.

Today, those drivers should find it easier to find a charge wherever they are using the new ChargePoint App. Per ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano:

As more EVs come to market, their drivers continue to choose ChargePoint as their network of choice, propelling us over the one million quarterly active user mark. ChargePoint remains focused on delivering the best driver experience available, so the redesign of our mobile app joins our enhanced reliability initiatives to ensure drivers can find, use and pay for charging in the most convenient way possible.

According to the charging network, the app update is based upon three key design pillars:

  • Usability – Improved tabs and filters to simplify navigation and find a charger more quickly.
  • Station discovery and use – Clearer station identification so drivers can find their parking spot more easily, plus a more seamless process in starting a charge session.
  • Answers at EV driver fingertips – Expanded FAQ page offering everything EV drivers need to know in order to charge at home or on the road.

The updated ChargePoint app is now available to download for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play and is supported by all major mobile platforms, including Android, Android Auto, iOS, MacOS, and Apple Watch. Learn more here.